Bosgraaf Greenhouses, Inc. was begun in 1955 by Bert and Gladys Bosgraaf. Through the years, a large variety of plants has been grown from bedding plants to cut flowers and azaleas to other potted flowering plants and foliage. The present owners, Bob and Edie Van Sprange, purchased the business from Edie's parents in 1978, and have made the propagation of plant material the main focus. The Dahlietta, Gallery, Melody, Karma, Happy Single, Happy Days, and Dark Angel Dahlia series are shipped as cuttings throughout the United States and Canada. Sunny Cities Hibiscus has become a very important part of the cutting production in the last ten years. Bosgraaf Greenhouses, Inc., is fortunate to have the third generation of family, with Joe and Jaime Van Sprange, and Kate Van Sprange, involved and committed to producing outstanding propagated cuttings of dahlias and hibiscus.
Bosgraaf Greenhouses, Inc. rebuilt and expanded in 1981 and 1985. In 1985 a complete wide-span, tempered glass greenhouse was purchased in the Netherlands and shipped to Michigan. It included a double heat-shade curtain system, hot water boilers, computerized burners, and a waste flue heat condenser. In addition, it has a separate area for root zone propagation and another area for stock plants or finished plants with ebb and flow bench watering.
Four additional glass ranges were built in 1992, 1995, 1998, and in 2002. Each range was built with a specific plant in mind for propagation and stock management. Ebb and flow bench watering continues to be used exclusively for watering. These areas are heated with hot water from very efficient low-mass boilers in two separate boiler rooms. High-intensity lights are used throughout our facilities for supplemental light and photo-period length-of-day manipulation.
A specially built glass range was built in 2001/2002 for hibiscus stock management and propagation. This range also double heat/shade curtains with a low mass boiler system. All upper and lower heat pipe was done by us using a press fit Victalic system. This system was also used in our 1992, 1995, and 1998 glass ranges. A Q – Com environmental system has been used to monitor and manage heating, cooling, and humidity.